Joy Dement Chambers was born and raised in the heart of Tennessee, surrounded not only by a picturesque landscape, but also a close-knit circle of family and friends. As a child, Joy had a passion for taking pictures of her loved ones and telling their stories through timeless photographs that documented life as she knew it. The art of photography quickly turned into a passion that drove her to earn her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and Photography from Middle Tennessee State University in 2006. Since graduation, Joy has devoted her time to her craft and says she "loves to capture life's moments and turn them into a work of art, documenting lives and telling part of a person's story." She finds peace whenever she "presses the button, hears the harmonious sound of the shutter, and knows that she just captured a beautiful moment in time." Joy's graceful style and creative vision certainly set her apart from other photographers of her generation. Her versatile skill is easy to see in all she does, from elegant portraits to rugged outdoor action. Joy's photojournalistic style of shooting allows her to capture those precious candid moments in life that one holds so dearly to the heart. Although Joy is currently focusing on wedding and lifestyle photography, she is also available for editorial, commercial, fashion, music, modeling, parties, and other events.

A message from Joy...

Photography was my first love. It taught me how to see. It taught me how to admire late afternoon rays streaming through a canopy of trees, the wrinkles on my Dad's hands, the innocence that shines through a child's eyes, a loving embrace shared, beauty in the everyday...LIFE at its most beautiful. I fell in love with photography at a young age, but it wasn't until my college years that it truly became my passion. I realized the importance of photography the moment I knew photographs allow us to hold onto the beauty of life forever. They are captured moments that tell our story. Moments that can be looked back on for years to come. I believe in telling that story and truly love capturing the moments that tell yours.

Apart from my love for photography my LOVES are... my husband, two beautiful children, a wonderful family, great friends, hugs, laughing so hard my face hurts, good conversation, black coffee, long bike rides, road trips, movies on the couch, and yummy food. :) - J